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Busy weeks of practice

 This is now the third week of the first practice period at the home office. Now I find myself thinking about IP everywhere I go; when I see a logotype, when I see a clever invention, even when I see the tiny TM-mark after a company name. I am becoming someone who must tell her family everything she knows about IP, I even start making IP-jokes (how annoying…) and this is only the beginning.

The first couple of weeks at the office have been interesting, and I have followed a few sharp cases that show how this job is done. Theory and practice finally meet. Real clients, real patent applications, real infringement cases. The drama is building up, and I get to be there to watch it, and to help wherever I can.

Only two months ago, the participants in the Specialist programme were new at this, knowing very little about IP. I have come to terms with myself in the role as a student again, being the one not knowing. IP is hardly anything just to be figured out, it requires hard work and study for many years to come. But I feel quite confident that I know a lot more now than I did two months ago, and it gets more and more by the day. If I only practice…

Charlotta Bylander, Associate, Awapatent

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