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Ideal conditions to learn about the world of IP

The first theory period of the trainee programme is coming to an end. It has been intensive weeks filled with lectures, but also with social activities such as the annual crayfish party at the Gothenburg office. Since the trainee programme started in the beginning of September we have visited Awapatent’s offices  in Malmö, Gothenburg, Stockholm and, most recently, the office in Linköping on a one-day-trip from Stockholm.

After many years at university I thought I finally had finished school once and for all. Now, only two years later, I am finding myself back in the class room again, learning quite different things from what I have been studying before. The IP world is new for most of us and for sure there is much to learn. We will have several years of hard work and studies ahead of us. However, as trainees we are given ideal conditions for succeeding with this task since, in my opinion, being a trainee must be the best way of starting a new job. Quite fast you get an overview of both the field which you will work within as well as of the company, and not to forget, you meet a lot of colleagues from the different offices.

During these first weeks, time has flown as it usually does when you have fun and a lot of things to do. I am now looking forward to the weeks at the home office to get some time to practice what we have learnt so far.

Elin Carlegrim, Associate