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Further theoretical training

An intense first practice period of the trainee program has ended, and what seems to be an even more intense second period of theoretical training has started. Only the first week so far and already we have covered new topics like for example presentations of the EPO and new aspects of Swedish patent law and also continued with further studies of topics recognized from out first theory period, like IP-language and application drafting. The first week has also included a client visit.

After five weeks of practice, making our first attempts to apply what we have learned so far, with the support and guidance of our supervisors, I think we are all eager to once again work on our theoretical knowledge. This time around, compared to our first theory period which for most of us was our first encounter with the world of IP-work, I think the future practical applications of the training are a bit clearer to all of us. This brings new perspectives to the classroom training and also makes some of the topics treated somewhat more approachable! And besides the challenging IP-tuition, after five weeks at our respective offices of Awapatent during the practice period, it is nice to get back together and gain an insight into everyone’s different experiences so far.

Lovisa Rogne, Associate